Kubuqi International Desert Forum

Since 2007, the Kubuqi International Desert Forum has been successfully held 5 times, co-hosted by UNEP, UNCCD, the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, the State Forestry Administration, the Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and organized and supported by the Municipal Government of Ordos and the Elion Public Welfare Foundation. The forum is the only international forum dedicated to the world's desertification control and desert economy and cultural development and has been written into the resolution of the UN as an important means and platform to implement desertification control globally. At the forum, global achievements in desertification control are presented, as well as China’s great achievements and its image as a responsible country in terms of addressing climate change issues and sustainable development. The forum is held every two years at its permanent venue in Kubuqi Desert and has become the world’s most influential desert forum, as well as a window into China’s achievements in ecological civilization construction.

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